Pure Maple Cream

Also known as maple butter, pure maple cream is 100% pure maple. We hand select only the finest grade fancy maple syrup to make into maple cream. This is why it has such an unbelievably good taste! It is a wonderful spread for just about anything, including toast, muffins, pancakes, and our favorite, peanut butter and maple cream sandwiches!

Warning: You may end up eating this by the spoonful!
$10 1 lb.
$6 1/2 lb.

Milk Chocolate Maple Creams

There is no beating this old-time favorite! Hand made maple sweetness refined to its best - satiny maple creams covered in fine milk chocolate. These specialty chocolates are truly a decadent treat.
$6.50 doz. lg
$4.50 doz. sm

100% Pure Vermont Fancy, Grade A Medium and Dark, and Grade B Maple Syrup

Our maple syrup is certified as the best Vermont has to offer, and Vermont has grading standards stricter than any other state's. Pour Vermont maple syrup over pancakes, waffles, French toast, ice cream, or use your imagination to add a touch of maple to almost anything. Maple syrup is available in pint, quart, half-gallon, and gallon plastic jugs.
$45 Gallon
$25 1/2 Gallon
$15 Quart
$8 Pint

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