Guide to Grades

maple-syrup Maple syrup grades do not correspond with quality but rather with flavor and color. All grades are the same high quality. Generally the darker the grade the heartier the maple flavor. This is a generalization, as grade alone will not determine flavor. You can have two samples of the same grade side by side and each may have a dramatically different flavor.

For pancakes and waffles or ice cream stick with the lighter grades. The delicatley subtle sweetness of Fancy and the more pronounced flavor of A-Medium make for the perfect toppings.

For breakfast and dessert as well as a little cooking give A-Medium or A-Dark a try. These are great for all around use and the heartier maple flavor is sure to spice up any recipe.

For cooking and baking grade B is the likely choice. This is the heartiest grade with the heaviest maple flavor. It will not be hidden by the other ingredients and makes for the perfect sugar substitute in any recipe.

Don't get too hung up on which grade to buy. All grades of maple syrup are delicious!

Fancy Grade Light Amber

The first syrup we make in a given season is very clear and light in color with a delightfully mild maple flavor. It is a delight of native Vermonters and connoisseurs of maple syrup. Delicious with pancakes, waffles, french toast, ice cream, fresh fruit, desserts, and is the preferred grade for candies and other maple specialties.
First Run

Grade A Medium Amber

The standard grade most often found on store shelves where pure maple syrup is sold. It is a little darker in color than fancy and has a slightly heavier maple taste. Remains a favorite topping for pancakes, waffles, French toast, and is the most popular for all around use.
Most Common

Grade A Dark Amber

Produced toward the end of the season as the weather warms up. It is a little darker in color than medium amber and has a more robust full maple flavor. Very popular for all around use and is great in yogurt and oatmeal. It is also a good choice for baking. If you're looking for that very hearty, 'traditional' maple flavor then this is the one for you.
Late Season

Grade B

Usually made at the end of the season and is the darkest and strongest flavored pure maple grade of all. Primarily used for cooking, but is gaining popularity as an all-purpose syrup.
End of the Season